Alois Carigiet paintingAlois Carigiet was born on August 30, 1902 in Trun, Switzerland. After an apprenticeship in visual arts, he trained as a graphic designer both in Paris and Zurich, and remained active as a designer up until World War II – creating many classical posters of that era. In Zurich, Carigiet was a co-founder of the Zurich cabaret “Cornichon” (The Pickle). He appeared in a movie, but didn’t have the cinematographic or stage career his brother Zarli did.

In 1939, he moved back to his native mountains and changed artistic directions, focusing on painting. He illustrated his first children’s book, Schellen-Ursli (A Bell for Ursli) in 1945. He would illustrate and author another five books, which won him the Hans Christian Andersen Award for illustration in 1966. This award brought him recognition not just in Switzerland but also in the United States and in Japan.

After residing once again in Zurich between 1950 and 1960, he returned to Trun, where he lived until his death on August 1, 1985 – continuing to paint as long as he could. His many exhibits in Switzerland, Germany and Canada secured his artistic and commercial successes.

2015 marked the 30 year anniversary of Carigiet’s death.